7 09 2009

I’ve had blogs before, and while I still have a couple of them running, each has a specific purpose and topic and none were appropriate for bloging about personal projects so I’m starting another.  I will be using this blog to share any news on personal projects, usually game design or programming, although I may branch out and use it for other things later.

At the moment my only project is “Dwarf Caretaker“, a simple, console-based (I.E. Command Prompt) sim game with a “Dwarf Fortress” theme. You create a dwarf with varrious stats, such as hunger, thirst, happiness, etc. then have your dwarf perform different actions to try and keep him fed, happy and… well… not dead.  The game recently underwent a major re-write to clean up the code and make future changes a lot easier, but it also saw a couple new features.  My plans for the next version consist primarily of making the Dwarf Fortress theme more apparent, by changing some of the wording and food/drink/work/etc. options.

Details and a download link can be found in the topic I posted for it on the Dwarf Fortress Forumshere.




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