Dwarf Caretaker v0.8 Released

9 09 2009

Just finished v0.8 of Dwarf Caretaker (links at the end of the post).  v0.7 had a bug preventing sparring from working (note: computers don’t like dividing by zero), so I waited until this version to update the blog.

Changes over the last two versions:

v0.7 & v0.8 Updates:


  • Death screen now quits when any button other than those specified is pressed.
  • Pressing button that isn’t tied to an action on the main screen no longer passes time without stat changes.
  • Enemy blocks don’t break the game.
  • Random numbers are actually random (seeded with time) again.


  • Combat rebalanced, easy/hard fights may be even easier/harder earlier on, but as you progress they get more and more balanced.
  • Some combat text reworded to match the rest of the game’s 3rd person setting.
  • Partial rewrite to use a class to represent the dwarf.
  • Slight rewording on some combat text.


  • Damage reports in combat now let you know what wound was hit.
  • Job related game-overs sometimes report a specific part as well.
  • The fortress will be attacked from time to time, and if your dwarf is tough enough s/he will be drafted for it’s defense.
  • New random event: Parties!  About as often as sieges a party will roll around for free food, drink and happiness!






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