Dwarf Caretaker V0.9

11 09 2009

New Dwarf Caretaker release.  Mostly new stuff, cause I didn’t get any bug reports on the last one.  I’m hoping this is because there weren’t any bugs… I say “were” because I changed a lot this release, so there are bound to be a couple bugs somewhere in there.   Mostly new interface stuff this release, I’m hoping for some new content next release, maybe in the form of new random events, possibly more options for existing actions, maybe even a new action, if I can come up with anything… we’ll see.

Anyways, onto the important stuff…

Version 0.9 Release Notes:

  • NEW – Stats UI overhaul.  Stats are now displayed as (slightly vague) descriptions, instead of numbers.
  • NEW – Wound UI overhaul.  Wounds are now represented by health bars, and a full health bar is always ideal.
  • NEW – Non-fatal wound handling.  Non-fatal wounds no longer force a game-over, and instead hospitalize your dwarf for a few weeks.
  • CODE FIX – Fixed variable scope of fatal and mfatal in the actWork() function.





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