Disgaea Geosolver

25 09 2009

I recently started playing Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and found myself taking every possible chance to solve the geo-panel puzzles presented in many of the levels. Unfortunately, I also find myself making mistakes regularly, and despite the simplicity of the puzzles, my memory (or lack thereof) makes it difficult for me to plan out the entire thing before actually doing it.

To help with this, I’ve developed a program that will solve the puzzles, letting me worry about surviving the combat while finding the most efficient way to go about moving the pieces.

As of version 0.1 (first public release) it only supports five colors (blue, green, purple, red and yellow), primarily because I haven’t really progressed all that far into the game yet, and don’t even know if there are any other colors…  anyways, I plan to upload the source code soon, but the current version was just tacked onto the original hello world project, that was slowly expanded so I could play with different things and eventually turned into this.  Unfortunately, this means that the source and stuff is the biggest mess I think I’ve ever seen.  There is code for things that don’t exist any more, functions related to buttons that I forgot to delete and so are still in the “Hello World” dialog I created earlier in development and other similar stuff.

Latest Version
v0.1 Download – 3.1MB
Download removed… see my other post

v0.1 Known Bugs:

  • You are told at the end of the instructions, if it couldn’t get rid of all the blocks, that it couldn’t get rid of one of the colors.
  • Instructions are not written very well…
  • Code is a horrible mess!

[EDIT]: Man… I just realized how bugged the method I was using to solve the puzzles is… I’m gonna need to work on that… any help in that area would be great.




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