Tower of Azari

9 10 2009

This entire post is almost an exact copy from the Bay12 Topic, but there really isn’t anything to add yet.  Progress on saving and monsters that fight back is decent, should have word on that as soon as I figure out how to write a vector of strings to a binary file…

Just finished uploading a primitive release of my rogue-like: Tower of Azari.  The name was pretty much just because I needed a 5-letter name (for the last word), and figured I’d go with a corny fantasy sounding name.

From the first post in the Bay12 Topic:

Well, I’ve finally broken down and started a rogue-like.  I’ve decided to start simple though, so the concept is very, very basic.  Early iterations will only have melee combat, although I will later add ranged, and after that, magic.  Your character starts at the bottom of a tower, and has to work his way up to kill… something, haven’t really decided what yet.  Each floor is relatively small, and won’t scroll, so it will likely be a much shorter rogue-like than some others.  In addition, I may or may not allow the player to go down stairs, to force them to make sure they’ve finished on the current floor before moving onto the next.  I also have what I believe to be a slightly more interesting idea for the way magic is introduced, but it’s long, and can wait until I can get my notes organised into a primitive design document and upload it.

The source code isn’t up yet, and probably won’t be until I get the next version done…

Release Notes:

  • First release has a working menu, character sheet, map, doors, mosters to kill, a nice display and an action log.
  • Hopefully the next release will have working save/load and monsters that fight back…





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