Tower of Azari Version 0.24 Released!

27 10 2009

Fewer changes this time, but it’s some pretty cool stuff IMO.  Enemies are very, very easy at the moment, and while I plan on changing this later, I need them at a lower difficulty so I don’t die too often trying to test certain features…

Internal Changes:

  • Added constants for colors and color pairs in the “colors.h” header.

Visual Changes:

  • Field of View is functional, tiles that have been seen before but are not currently within the player’s sight are grayed out.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Resting fixed to actually reduce gold.
  • Enemies are read from a file and a map is populated automatically with enemies of an appropriate difficulty level.
  • If there are no enemies of the appropriate level the game will create a “Shadow” creature that is a slightly weaker version of the player.
  • Usable items are in!
  • Items are loaded from a file then dropped at random by enemies that would otherwise drop a similar amount of gold.
  • If there are no items of the appropriate level the game with create a 3-use, 10-point health potion.

See the Tower of Azari page for the link.




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