Tower of Azari Version 0.26 Released!

2 11 2009

Big changes this release, equipment is in, files have been rearranged, all kinds of fun things 😛

Internal Changes:

  • Difficulty settings are now loaded from a file, as well as item/gold drop modifiers.
  • All external files used by the game have been moved into a “data” folder.
  • Fixed main menu to accept capitol letters as input.
  • Fixed usable item effects.

Visual Changes:

  • Added help screen. (Press [h] at the main menu or from the main game screen)
  • Updated main menu screen.
  • Made character sheet display equipment effects.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Equipment now works.
  • Resting fixed to restore energy.
  • If there are no items of the appropriate level the game with create a random potion for either health or energy, or a food item.
  • You can now buy and sell items on every 5th floor.
  • Added 52 new items (21 pieces of armor, 16 weapons and 15 usable items)

See the ToA page for the download link.




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