Tower of Azari v0.27 Released

5 11 2009

As you may or may not have noticed, the last version had so many bugs it was nigh-unplayable… well, I’ve fixed most of them, and made a few internal changes.  See the Tower of Azari page for the download link, or read on for release notes.

Internal Changes

  • Equipment is now stored as “item”s instead of pointers to them.
  • Changed enemy “struct” to a “class”.
  • Added int() conversion to several places to prevent some of the warnings.
  • Cut parts of map display out and made them their own function, for readability.
  • Added functions for some of the stat calculations I use, so they can be changed easier.

Visual Changes

  • Added “Weight Carried” display to the inventory screen

Gameplay Changes

  • Equipment really works now, I’m sure this time!
  • Equipment is now saved/loaded properly.
  • Enemies won’t always miss.



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