Tower of Azari Version 0.28 Released!

8 11 2009

Items can now have multiple effects, and a lot of work has been done on the editors.  I also gave it an icon, but while it’s a royalty free icon, I’d like to replace it soon.  Read on for release details, or check the Tower of Azari page to download v0.28

Internal Changes

  • Added some constants to replace magic numbers in “item.h”.
  • Added functions to retrieve the movement cost for the player and enemies.
  • Added constants for map width and height.
  • Items are a class instead of a struct.

Visual Changes

  • Updated the color for gold.

Gameplay Changes

  • Items can have multiple effects.

Editor Changes

  • The item.raw format has been changed to record multiple effects.
  • Item Editor updated to allow the editing of multiple effects.
  • The numbers displayed for slot and item type have been replaced with words.
  • The input for slots and item types have been seriously improved.
  • Added slot -1 (N/A) for non-usable items.



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