Tower of Azari Version 0.29 Released!

10 11 2009

Biggest changes include ranged weapons and the new “classes.raw” file.  Read more for a full list of changes, or check the Tower of Azari page for the download.

Internal Changes

  • New item type, “TYPE_AMMO”
  • New item attribute, “ammo_type”
  • Class information is now loaded from a file for character creation.

Visual Changes

  • Made items brown on the map, to differentiate them from enemies.
  • Fixed items sometimes not being drawn.
  • Item purchase screen updated to allow the purchase of multiples.

Gameplay Changes

  • Ranged weapons are in, they can be used as melee weapons, or fire projectiles.  Press ‘f’ to fire.
  • Ammo will stack when picked up, purchased or fired.
  • Enemies will not block a shot, so you can shoot past one enemy to hit another.
  • Fixed doors being placed on the right and bottom outer walls.
  • Look function now lets you pick a square to look at.

Editor Changes

  • Item editor and item.raw format updated for ammo_type
  • Icons added for editors



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