Tower of Azari v0.301 Released!

11 12 2009

My apologies for my silence, but I haven’t been idle!  I’ve begun a complete rewrite of Tower of Azari, in order to clean up the code and give myself an excuse to make a couple key changes.  Version 0.301 of Tower of Azari has been uploaded to my 4shared account.  The link can be found below.  I probably won’t bother updating the official page, since this isn’t a full release, but feel free to try it out anyways.

Note: Version 0.301 is a tech-demo, and is far from being fully playable. It has a working menu, map generation, movement, doors, message log and some other things, but there’s no monster to kill, no loot to collect, and no goals to achieve. Version 0.30 is mostly functional, if a little buggy, so if you’re wanting to try Tower of Azari for the first time try that one first. That being said, if you’re interested in seeing where I’m taking it with the re-write, check out the newer version.

Still interested?  Here’s the link!




One response

18 12 2009
Outcast Orange

It all looks great!
I’m happy to see so much progress out of your project.

This seems very very stable right now,
and you can take it in any direction.

The map system is a rare gem,
and having everything in the RAWs will be amazing.
Keep up the good work!

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