Portfolio Website Completed

11 04 2012

The portfolio website is completely built now, and can be found at tsassone.com  It has all the projects I used to host here as well as at least one I didn’t: the Shadowrun dice roller mentioned in the previous post.The project came about because we were finding that the huge number of dice required for Shadowrun dice pools was slowing down the game.  We tried some pre-existing tools, but most of them would either just roll the dice and tell you what came up (meaning we still had to count the number of 1’s, and the number of 5’s and 6’s for glitches and hits), or  would just tell you either how many hits, or simply weather or not you succeeded.  My friend Daniel wrote most of the rolling logic, but I built a command parser, and have since built a CGI/AJAX based web version of the tool.  More information can be found on the project page at: http://www.tsassone.com/portfolio/software/srdiceroller.php




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