Time Management

6 08 2012

Tower of Azari now has a time management/turn system which is almost entirely handled in scripts (with one exception which I’ll get to in a moment).  Each mob has an AP stat and a speed stat (as defined in the data files) – actions subtract AP (though you can take an action for which you don’t have the AP – an excellent example of a “feature” which could be changed with just a couple lines in a script).  The mob with the highest AP is always the one to act, and once all mobs run out of AP they all have their speed stat added to it (note, added, so if an action put a mob into the negative, they’ll not have a full set the following round).
I’ve also added the ability to pick up items, and examine them through a very, very simply inventory screen. They can’t be dropped, and it’s all hard-coded, so no script access yet.  I plan, for a future release, to add support for “Abilities”, which can either be tied to a letter-key or chosen from a list (if no key is assigned).  Once these roll around, there will also be a way to flag certain abilities as starting abilities, so the player can always do things like pick up items, but spells might have to be unlocked, for example.

However, for the next release my goals aren’t quite so ambitious.  I just plan to get dropping items in (again, hard-coded and hacked together for now), and equipment, which will involve the addition of slots, item types, etc to mobs and items.  Once that’s done, I’ll bundle it all up in a clean release, and stick it up somewhere for the public.




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