Final Changes

15 08 2012

I’ve finally wrapped up most of the changes I’d intended to complete before the first release.  I just need to clean some things up and package it up all nice, and I’m set.  In the mean time, here’s the change log for the latest revision:

  • Reorganized classes and namespaces for greater structure as the project expands
    • All the *Type classes (ItemType etc) have been moved into a Templates folder/namespace
    • All the classes representing in-game objects (tiles, items, etc) have been moved into a GameObjects folder/namespace
    • Scripts have been moved (prior revision) into their own subfolders within the resources folder
  • Tags have been given a  fairly hefty overhaul
    • Tags now track their parent as well as their children.
    • Tags now allow searching by datum, meaning that you can search for the strength value of all mobs with “[mob type/stat:strength]”
    • The item, mob and tile datafiles now support a template system, detailed in a previous post
  • Fixed entity movement (to/from tiles and entities)
  • Items have  been mostly completed
    • Item types are loaded from data-files like tiles and mobs
    • Items have stats
    • Items have equip slots (incl. values for which slots are used at a given time)
  • Mobs now have equip slots/equipment
  • Mobs can now pick up, equip and drop items
  • The inventory screen has been worked in, and allows for examining, equipping and dropping items, as well as viewing current equipment and stats.



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