New Website

10 03 2015

With my host expiring soon I decided to look around for alternative options. Having done a lot of work with C#, .NET, and MVC 5 I decided to rebuild the site on a Windows platform. It’s not quite finished as of this posting, and I have yet to add the project data to the new site, but it seems to be up and running. I’ll be transferring the domain some time this week.

For the most part the intent and content of the website is the same. What I have changed is the aesthetic style, and the structure of projects. Prior to this move a project had a set of screenshots and a description. I’ve ditched the screenshot requirement (though they’ll still be there, just moved to the descriptions), and added a new versioning system.

Each project’s description will now contain only the description of the core intent. Changes, new features sets, and anything else that isn’t constant over the life of the project is stored in versions. Each version also has a name and description. The descriptions for both, and the content of these blog posts supports HTML, while the short summaries are restricted to plain-text.

Finally, I’ve added real support for user accounts. I’ll eventually be expanding on this to allow OAuth, Facebook, Google, etc sign-ins, and added comment support to projects and blog posts. The other advantage to the new user system is, when working on team projects, I can give my team members access to edit pages without giving them my account details. There’s no GUI for that yet however, and such changes have to be made through the backend for now.





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